Everbuild Cemstrip Cement Remover

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Everbuild Cemstrip Sprayable Cement Remover is a new type of cement, concrete and mortar stain remover that provides a more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional hydrochloric acid based cement removers. It will also remove salts and efflorescence from the surface of mineral substrates and is a very effective general cleaner for removing ingrained dirt, grease and stains from paths and patios. It is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted up to 10 times with water to suit a variety of applications. Unlike hydrochloric acid based products it can be safely used on most metal surfaces such as tools, cement mixers and other building equipment.


- Available in bottles or as a ready-to-use spray
- Water clean-up
- Economical, makes up to 10 times the volume of the bottle when diluted


- Removes cement, mortar and concrete on most mineral surfaces such as paths, patios and walls
- Cleaning tools, cement mixers and other building equipment

Size5 Litre
Box Quantity4
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