Balustrade Mastic Sealants

Arbo Sealants have helped to create some beautiful flowing balustrades through the use of their Arbokol 682 glass balustrade mastic sealant product. Arbokol 682H is the application-leader balustrade sealant for bedding glass balustrades. The 2-part mix  fully encapsulates the glass, before quickly hardening to support the glass and has been in use for nearly half a century. The glass balustrade installer has a choice of 2 glass balustrade sealant products:
1) The traditional thixotropic paste that requires a sealant gun to apply. This is suitable for all types of balustrades that require the sealant to hold the glass in position. (Not suitable for staircases!)
2) Arbokol 682 Pouring Grade is the answer for many installation being easy and quick to apply it is suitable for designs where limited gaps in the channel can be pre sealed and the installation is horizontal (Not suitable for staircases!)