Acoustic Mastic Sealants

Trusted, high quality, professional, acoustic mastic joint sealants from trusted manufacturers such as Dow Corning Geocel, Sika Everbuild and Polyseam Protecta. Acoustic tested and rated sealant is usually acrylic based material and usually has Intumescent qualities for fire protection also, this means they can be used extensively for fire proofing and sound-proofing internal frames and sealing joints, as they're acrylic-based sealants, these are all paintable also.
Geocel Acoustic FR, Protecta Acoustic Intumescent Fire Sealant (formerly known as ASF S290) and Everbuild's AC95 Acoustic Intumescent sealant are all in stock here, sold singularly by the tube or by the box and ready to collect or despatch sameday.