Mastic Sealant Caulking Guns

We stock a selection of the most popular mastic sealant caulking guns from renowned and trusted manufacturers PC Cox, Sulzer Mixpac (formerly Kruger MK Guns), Sika Everbuild and Silverline. Our range spans from lightweight, standard skeleton guns for DIY and professional use to heavy duty pro. guns for trade use and professional mastic sealant and caulking application. These guns are for use with all 290ml, 300ml, 310ml, C3, 380ml, 400ml, C4 mastic sealant and caulking cartridges and most have serviceable parts for continued use. If you're using an anchor resin or a particularlly stiff mastic sealant, then we have high powered, high ratio guns to deal with the high viscosity.

If you need some help deciding on the best mastic sealant gun for you, please go and check our blog post out on our main website here: