3C Sealants Wood Repair System

Introducing....... 3C Sealants a brand dedicated to high quality, experience-backed mastic sealants from us 'County Construction Chemicals' (hence the name, 3C get it? :-)) 

After many years of supplying market-leading, trusted mastic sealants from the biggest names in the mastic sealant industry, we strive to advance with the ever-changing market, thus, we're now offerering a hand-picked selection of high quality sealant products ourselves, using the very best materials, keeping stocks high and providing our usual high standard of service, in a helpful and professional manner.

With our great reputation, experience and vast knowledge of the mastic joint sealant industry, we thought it was about time we had our own brand, hence the introduction of... 3C SEALANTS

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Palu Tooling Block

Palu Tooling Block

£10.73 (inc VAT) Each
£8.94 (exc VAT)
Wood Scraper

Wood Scraper

£12.67 (inc VAT) Each
£10.56 (exc VAT)