Sika Sikabond TF Plus N Membrane Adhesive

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Sika Sikabond TF Plus N Membrane Adhesive is a 1-component, PU-based adhesive for the SikaMembran facade membrane system, which combines high mechanical strength with the necessary elasticity to cope with high movements in facades. It adheres excellent to a wide range of substrates.


- Secure application with good sag resistance
- Bonds well to concrete, aluminium (anodized or powder-coated), rigid U-PVC, timber and other standard construction materials
- Application of adhesive to one side only (mostly to substrate)
- Ensures levelling of substrate
- No contact pressure necessary
- Fast curing
- Adjustment of membrane possible until 30 min. after installation


- Used for bonding SikaMembran facade membranes (e.g. SikaMembran Universal, Outdoor, Outdoor plus, Strong, Eco Uni, Eco Out) behind curtain walling and rainscreen cladding
- Suitable to bond over-plasterable membranes (e.g. SikaMembran Uni-P) to concrete and brick wall in window installation
- Suitable for experienced professional users only

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