Butyl Mastic Sealants

Butyl Sealant is formulated from a blend of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene. A multi-purpose butyl sealant is ideal for sealing curtain wall and window assemblies and butyl sealant develops exceptional adhesion without the need for a primer.
Butyl mastic sealant bonds to common materials such as metal, glass, wood, concrete, and masonry surfaces and cures to form a flexible seal with good weather resistance. Butyl sealant is suitable for a range of butyl sealing applications where low movement occurs. Butyl Sealant forms a skin in 24 hrs but remains permanently plastic underneath. The sealant accommodates joint movement of +/- 5%, is over paintable and exhibits good UV and chemical resistance.
It is primarily used for: the manufacture of window and curtain wall assemblies. perimeter pointing and bedding of frames butt jointing of EPDM/Neoprene gaskets.