With adhesive technology moving so fast with a heavy emphasis on creating sustainable, long-lasting, but economical solutions to bonding and fixing tasks, we keep a good selection of adhesives & tapes manufactured from various materials, to cater for a variety of trades. From simple silicone rubber sealant adhesive for paper and card etc. to industry-certified, 2-part structural adhesives, vehicle production adhesives and panel assembly tape systems. Take a look at our wood adhesives, mirror adhesives, marine adhesives, panel adhesives, high strength adhesives, grab adhesives, modified, hybrid adhesive sealants (that bond and seal in one, some even seal joints and stick stuff underwater!) and also our selection of foam isolation tapes, masking tapes, structural spacer tapes and more. Below you'll find adhesives & tapes from some of the very best brand names in the business such as Otto Chemie, Sika Everbuild, Geocel Dow Corning, Tremco illbruck, C-Tec CT1, Bison Adhesives, Graft and Adshead Ratclliffe Arbo.