Tajima Tools

Japanese tool company Tajima manufacture premium grade hand tools to an exceptionally high standard. The Tajima caulking mastic sealant gun range is fast-becoming the choice of the UK construction professional and DIY home users for their reliability and heavy duty, robust build quality. We stock a small selection of Tajima caulking guns that are built to last and we believe are an investment for any toolbox. 

Although the Tajima guns that we stock as standard, are designed for and work amazingly well for, up to 310ml cartridges only, we have come up with a solution to modify each gun to fit 380ml or 400ml cartridges! The process is fairly simple (we've got it down to around 3 minutes!) and just requires an old pro gun barrel (a video of this swap over is below)

You can then use the Tajima barrel on your pro gun also as a 310ml gun anyway if you wish :-)