Clear Mastic Sealants

We have a select range of clear mastic joint sealants from the very best names in the mastic joint sealant world such as Otto Chemie, Sika Everbuild, Dow Corning Geocel, Mapei and C-Tec CT1. The term 'Clear' in the mastic sealant industry is sometimes confusing as many customers are looking for different kinds of 'Clear'. To be sure you choose the correct product, please see the following information regarding the names used to describe the colours:

CLEAR SEALANT - uncloudy, glass-like in appearance (not totally see-through,varies in shade from sealant to sealant, occasional tendancy to yellowing due to UV over time, especially in external, low modulus sealants)
CRYSTAL CLEAR SEALANT - completely transparent and unclouded. (usually a bit more expensive material to produce, but particularly suited to glass to glass joints etc.)  
TRANPARENT SEALANT - allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. (a good 'happy medium' for most internal and external joints where a colour cannot be matched or just suits the decoration etc.)
TRANSLUCENT SEALANT - allowing light, but not detailed shapes, to pass through; semi-transparent. (cloudy but often neatly disappears into joints, suited to joints where glass meets glass or other substrates)

If you need further assistance or advice choosing a clear mastic joint sealant, please call our technical sales team on 020 8524 1931 or email us.  


Everbuild Clear Fix Adhesive

Everbuild Clear Fix Adhesive

£8.76 (inc VAT) per Tube
£7.30 (exc VAT)