Hybrid Polymer Modified Mastic Sealants

A good range of hybrid polymer (also known as silane-terminated polymers) sealants and adhesives from Sealants Online, as technology evolves, we take an extremely keen interest in the new advancements in joint sealing and adhesive materials, working closely with the pioneers of the global mastic joint sealant, adhesive and waterproofing industries such as Otto-Chemie, Dow Corning  Geocel, Tremco illbruck, Mapei, Sika Everbuild, Polyseam Graft and Fosroc, we constantly update our range, bringing you the latest hybrid polymer sealant and adhesive products (also known as modified polymer and modified silane.) Hybrid sealants and adheisves are generally over paintable, damp tolerant to apply and have a non-shiny (matt) finish.