Pre-Compressed Jointing Tapes

High efficiency, weathersealing, impregnated joint sealing tape that expands on contact with air to seal and fill joint gaps. Impregnated foam tapes are self-adhesive on one side, stretch slowly inside the joint to its final thickness and then forms a driving rain resistant, joint according to DIN 18542 Pre Compressed Tapes have good UV-resistance, are flame resistant, protects against moisture and dust, heat loss and noise etc. Pre Compressed Jointing Tapes are compatible with concrete, cellular concrete, bricks, sandlime brick, iron, zinc, steel, galvanised sheet metal, aluminium, copper, wood and unplasticized PVC. Fields of application include sealing of timber joints, joints between masonry, door and window frames, joints between masonry and concrete pillars, gable and roofing panels, sheet metal window sills, expanding joints, sheet pile profiles and corrugated panels.