Low Modulus Mastic Sealants

Versatile and hard-wearing, Low Modulus mastic sealants accommodate more movement and thus require a HIGHER movement accomodation than high modulus sealants, low modulus sealants are best used for exterior joint sealing work. Typical examples of low mod. sealant applications are; sealing 'structure' substrates such as external brickwork and frames etc. that expand greatly. Sealants Online stock a large selection of only the highest quality low modulus silicone sealants, (there are, of course, cheaper, general purpose sealants which claim to do a good job of this type of work but be warned, these are usually always bulked out with solvents and other 'filler' materials and will fail when movement occurs as they will shrink considerably.) Our high quality Low Modulus sealants have excellent adhesion to most general, exterior materials including concrete, blockwork, window frames and door frames made from wood, upvc, most plastics and most metals. Please take a look at a selection of the very best of the County Construction Chemicals range of reliable low modulus mastic joint sealants for exterior application, manufactured by the absolute best names in the business such as Dow Corning Geocel, Sika Everbuild, Otto Chemie, C-Tec CT1, Adshead Ratcliffe Arbo and more.