Fischbach Products

Fischbach is the number 1 name in empty mastic sealant cartridges and mastic sealant nozzles for standard 290ml, 300ml C3, 310ml, 380ml, 400ml cartridges.

Close, partnering cooperation with customers in developing packaging systems for mastic sealants such as silicone, polysulphide and newer technology such as polymer and hybrid polymer sealants, has made Fischbach a global market leader as a system supplier for the sealants and adhesives industry. Through decades of exchanging ideas and experiences with sealant producers and filling operations, Fischbach has developed plastic cartridge systems whose components are perfectly matched to customer requirements. We stock literally thousands of empty mastic cartridges for immediate filling and use of 2 - part mastic sealants & epoxy sealants, as well as other, professional use products such as various nozzles.