We stock a selection of foams & fillers such as putty, foam tapes and polyethelene joint backing foam (also known as backing or backer caulk or backing caulking) in perforated, tear-off packs, 15m coils, round-section rod backing foam and some very dark grey (nearly black) 2 metre strips. Varying in size and easy to cut and shape, this versatile caulking filler is essential for providing a sound, solid back to your joint detail prior to the application of all mastic sealants including silicone, acrylic, modified polymer and modified silanes. We also stock a wide variety of expanding foams in cans, by brand leaders such as Sika Everbuild and Tremco illbruck in gun type or simple nozzle type. Some of these expander foams as well as being acoustic rated,  are also certified fire-rated expanding foams, making them ideal for many internal filling applications. Space-saving and cost cutting, our range of foams & fillers are not only an ideal companion for your sealant material but also the decorators caulk, professional fillers and reliable, acrylic caulking sealants, make ideal toolbox essentials for professional tradesmen and DIY users alike for general gap-filling and insulating tasks.