Metolux Cleaners

We stock a the brand new cleaner from Metolux.

If one thing became apparent during the pandemic, it's the fact that hygiene is just important in the modern workplace or indeed any other area frequented by people as it's ever been in history and it's all of our responsibilities to ensure that we do all we can to cleanse the hotpost! Enter Metolux Clenze from specialists Chemfix.

For your safety & hygiene in the workplace. A new product to promote increased cleanliness.For peace of mind and continued safety and hygiene in the workplace, clean work areas and the compliance with the necessary hygiene and safety regulations, our R&D team has developed a new formula: CLENZE SURFACE HYGIENIZING.The health and safety of our customers is always crucial to us, and now more than ever. The team has developed inrecord time a new ...

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