OTTO-CHEMIE OTTO Smoothing Tooling Agent 1 Litre

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OTTO-CHEMIE OTTO Smoothing Tooling Agent is for the smoothing of sealants applied to standard substrates (NOT natural stone). This handy liquid solution is fantastic for tooling and finishing mastic sealants such as silicone, hybrid polymers and polyurethanes etc. on metal, wood, glass and most plastics internally and externally.


- Aquaeous solution of surface-active substances
- Dermatologically tested ingredients
- Does not dry out the skin
- Dilutable with water; 2 (smoothing agent) : 1 (water)
- Keeps the shine of the sealant surface intact
- Colouring pigments of the sealant are not washed off
- Not suitable for marble and other natural stones


- Smoothing of sealant surfaces including silicone, polyurethane and MS hybrid polymer sealants
- Can be used to tool sealants internally and externallly

Size1 litre
Box Quantity1
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