C-TEC CT1 Multisolve Spray Cleaner & Sealant Grease Remover 200ml

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C-TEC CT1 Multisolve Spray Cleaner & Sealant Grease Remover is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent degreaser that leaves no oily film. It is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no recycled solvents. Simply spray onto the surface to remove the unwanted matter and in seconds the surface is ready to be used. A cost-effective solution for a variety of trades.


- Fully compatible with C-TEC sealant & adhesive CT1
- Excellent as a pre-treatment for paints & adhesives
- Used in large number of trades from plumbers to stonemasons
- Leaves no oily residue
- The safest and cheapest solution for your paintwork
- Removes adhesives, sealants, oil, grease, silicon, wax, tar, paraffin, printing ink etc.
- Fast, thorough and safe degreasing and cleaning
- Can be used on painted surfaces, vinyl, glass,rubber and plastics
- Fast drying
- Very economical


- Degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts, motor, brakes, suspension.
- Cleaning tools and workshop equipment – attacks no plastics.
- Removal of stickers or masking tape adhesive residues.
- Removal of previous grease layers before re-lubricating, e.g. door hinges.
- Removal of trims and bumper strips without damaging.
- Dissolves the adhesive layer of double sided adhesive tape.
- Removal of tar and other coating stains.
- Finishing of joints sealed with CT1
- Cleaning of paint and undercoat before spray-painting (Multisolve removes wax and silicone, always use a 2- cloth system).
- Degreasing and cleaning of all surfaces before using C-Tec adhesives and sealants

BrandC-TEC CT1
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