Original Cramer Silicone Profiling Fugi Kit 3

Stock Code: CRA0002
£10.42 (inc VAT) per Set
£8.68 (exc VAT) per Set

Original Cramer Silicone Profiling Fugi Kit 3 are a small three pack of tooling profilers. Even a small silicone joint can decide on an attractive bathroom: either by being ugly or by showing traces of mildew or mould after some time. The FUGI Toolkit presents the professional solution for all different kinds of joints. Added to that, this unique toolkit enables you to render perfect joints without the use of soapy water. Consequently the formation or mould is made nearly impossible. Stylish bathtubs, elegant wash basins and quality-tiles have earned a likewise high-class surrounding – provide your customers with this useful tool!


- Optimum adhesion prevents mould from forming underneath
- Time saving as no masking needed
- Simple grouting in small sections
- Blemishes can easily be repaired


- Multiple usage due to 16 different profile variations
- Suited for all sealing compounds/caulking material
- Tooling off all types of silicone, polymer etc.

BrandOriginal Cramer
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