Everbuild Pinkgrip Grab Adhesive

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Everbuild Pinkgrip Grab Adhesive is a revolutionary new direct bond cartridge-applied adhesive formulated specifically for the professional user, using polymers at the leading edge of adhesive technology. It bonds to virtually all common building surfaces and is designed for both external and internal use.


- Enhanced slump resistance for quick and simple direct bonding to most substrates without the use of temporary supports in most applications.
- Pink colour gives easy product recognition
- Excellent early and ultimate adhesive strength on both porous and non-porous substrates
- Excellent gap-filling properties to accommodate uneven surfaces
- Good “nip off” qualities to prevent messy stringing of the adhesive
- No need for double-stick applications or underpinning in many instances (although product may be used via double stick method if required)
- Suitable for both vertical and horizontal use
- Suitable for use on both non-porous and porous surfaces
- Excellent external weathering properties
- Suitable for interior and exterior use


- Bonding dado rails, architrave and skirting
- Fixing parquet and cork flooring
- Fixing wall cladding direct to internal wall surfaces or timber battens
- Fixing battens directly onto walls without fastenings
- Bonding carpet gripper systems to most floors without the need for nails or tacks
- Bonding stair nosing to concrete or wooden stairs
- Fixing polyester, wood, uPVC or metal thresholds
- Fixing nameplates, plastic boxes, decorative frames, wall sockets and junction boxes to most surfaces
- Securing aluminium or other skin panels to the framework for portable industrial buildings and caravans

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