Stanley Titan Fixed Blade Trimming Knife (Dolphin-Shaped)

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£16.60 (exc VAT) per Knife

Stanley Titan Fixed Blade Trimming Knife is the rolls-royce of Stanley knives favoured by carpet fitters/floor layers, mastic sealant applicators for cutting out old sealants and debris prior to re-sealing and in fact anyone else who requires a solid, reliable and sturdy knife. Lasts longer than other knives and takes the knocks and bumps. A quality product for a range of uses.


- Perfect for all trades from mastic sealant applicators to carpet fitters and more
- Super heavy duty knife with double notched blade location for added security
- Easy blade change using solid brass notched wheel
- Complete with five heavy duty blades and polypropylene protective holster
- Durable aliminium bodt combining mass with ease of use
- Strong high quality brass wheel for strong blade lock, minimises blade movement


- Ideal for cutting more resistant materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, leather)
- Designed for heavy duty use
- Cutting out old sealants prior to re-application
- Cutting plasterboards
- Cutting sealants nozzles to size
- Shaping and cutting wooden tooling sticks

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