Geocel Marine Silicone Sealant


Perfect for sealing joints where pipes or trunking for machinery pass through decks or bulkheads, and for the joint around hatches, port holes and windows, where a watertight flexible seal is required. Geocel Marine comes in 310ml cartridges and fits into a normal mastic sealant skeleton gun, it's a high performance, flexible silicone sealant for watertight sealing of marine application.

• Adheres to glass fibre, metal, glass, painted or varnished wood, and most plastics
• Ideal for bedding-in deck, hull fittings, or for making gaskets in situ for pumps & exhausts
• Good temperature accommodation (-55°C to 150°C)
• Unaffected by immersion in salt or fresh water
• Locking nuts and bolts against vibration, creating watertight joints throughout

Price Information

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Quantity OrderedPrice per Tube
1 - 11£19.66 (inc VAT)
12 or more£17.21 (inc VAT)
Image Code Description Brand Size Colour EAN Price Quantity
GEO4259 Geocel Marine Mastic Silicone Sealant 310ml Clear Geocel 310ml Clear 5011107571138 £19.66 (inc VAT)