Everbuild Everflex Weather Mate Gap Filler & Adhesive


EVERBUILD® Weather Mate® is a multi-use elastic filler that can be applied in wet weather and to wet surfaces, even under water, remaining permanently flexible. Intended for external use only it can be overpainted with most paints and woodstains when cured. Adheres to most common surfaces.

- For all roofline applications.
- Adheres to problematic surfaces such as bitumen, asphalt, lead and galvanized steel.
- Perimeter gap filling around window and door frames; ideal for timber frames where woodstaining is required.
- For jointing all types of guttering.
- Filling cracks in stone tiles/slates etc.
- For all external weatherproofing applications.
- For filling gaps between metal and composite roof and wall panels to form an effective lap joint bond.
- For remedial weather proofing over all sealants, putties and mastics.
- General industrial metal panel bonding and gap filling.

- Can be applied in all weathers.
- Sticks to wet surfaces.
- Resists all weather conditions.
- Permanently flexible.
- Can be used in conjunction with Bitumen and asphalt.

Price Information

The following prices are based on order quantity.
Quantity OrderedPrice per Tube
1 - 24£6.85 (inc VAT)
25 or more£6.36 (inc VAT)
Image Code Description Brand Colour EAN Size Price Quantity
EVE1131 Everbuild Everflex Weather Mate Gap Filler & Adhesive Black Everbuild Black 5029347601447 295ml £6.85 (inc VAT)
EVE1130 Everbuild Everflex Weather Mate Gap Filler & Adhesive Clear Everbuild Clear 5029347601454 295ml £6.94 (inc VAT)
EVE1132 Everbuild Everflex Weather Mate Gap Filler & Adhesive White Everbuild White 5029347000073 295ml £6.94 (inc VAT)