Chemfix Chembolts Anchor Sleeves


A metal anchor bolt with an internal thread which is designed primarily for removable fixings in asphalt, (but can be used in many types of surfaces such as concrete * paving etc.)
Combined with a chemical anchor resin (such as Epoxy Resin or Polyester resin - click here) for high durability and ease of fixing.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is a sleeve for accepting the corresponding fixing bolt M10 or M12 (not included)

Ideal for semi permanent or permanent anchoring of:


Parking Stops

Speed Bumps & Humps


Parking Barriers

Road Signs


1) Drill hole into surface (approx: 14mm for M10 or 16mm for M12)

2) Ensure the void is dust free using a blow out pump (click here for blow out pump) or simlilar

3) Gun anchor resin into the dust-free hole using Epoxy Resin or Polyester Resin (click here for polyester resin)

4) Firmly twist the Chembolt sleeve (with the white dust cap plug half inserted to allow for manouvering to flush fit to surface)

Once the resin has firmed up (dependant on the product used - follow instruction from the anchor resin itself) then push the dust cap fully into the sleeve until such time as needed

5) Remove the white dust cap by firmly pulling out and your threaded hole is ready to receive a M10 or M12 bolt

Manufacturers details can be found here: CHEMFIX CHEMBOLTS         

Image Code Description Brand Colour EAN Size Price Quantity
MET1041 Chembolt Asphalt Fixing M10/100 Chemfix N/A. - M10/100 £2.47 (inc VAT)