3C Sealants Polymer Sealant (Polysulphide Alternative)


3C SEALANTS POLYMER is a professional trade grade, polysulphide sealant alternative, based on state-of-the-art hybrid polymer technology. It’s particularly high elasticity and paintability makes it the ideal choice for all modern and retro glazing and cladding applications or indeed any other connecting joints that are notorious for high movement. 

Polysulphide sealant (also occassionally spelt polysulfide sealant) was traditionally used for many external (and sometimes internal) joint sealing tasks such as perimeter sealing of window and door frames, expansion joints in brickwork etc. and any other applications where highly elastic movement was necessary, 3C Polymer Sealant perfectly replaces this old technology and does a more efficient and longer-lasting job!

Tried and thoroughly tested for adhesion to a multitude of common construction materials, 3C Polymer Sealant seals perfectly between differing substrates (such as connecting joints consisting of brickwork, UPVC and timber for instance) offering an over-paintable cure that will stand the test of time without the shrinkage and splitting/cracking associated with other sealants.

For more in-depth information about our polysulphide sealant alternative, please visit the dedicated 3C Polymer Sealant product page on the 3C website here. 

Although silicones are widely used for practically all circumstances of joint sealing, the argument for hybrid polymer sealants has grown significantly over the past decade with many professionals preferring the new technology over silicone sealants. For further information on this subject you can read a blog article we wrote on our main website here: https://www.county.construction/mastic-sealant-help/silicone-v-hybrid-polymer/ 

- Excellent resistance to weathering, ageing and UV
- Easily tooled to a high standard finish
- Suitable for both internal & external use
- Great elastic movement for sealing movement joints
- Will not shrink or crack after time
- Overpaintable (takes nearly all water-based paints & stains when cured) It can also be painted with oil based paints, but full cure is recommended prior to application.
- Long shelf life (2 x years)
- Fantastic all-round, long life performance

- Sealing between different substrates (eg. metal frame into a brickwork surround)
- For sealing all inside & outside construction connections where high movement occurs
- Adheres perfectly to all woods, metals, plastics (such as uPVC), brickwork, plaster, composites & more
- Seals that subsequently require painting over (either; after cured application or in the future)
- Applications where old-fashioned Polysulphide has been specified
- Weather sealing of new frames and cladding (as well as remedial or repair works)

Price Information

The following prices are based on order quantity.
Quantity OrderedPrice per Tube
1 - 23£4.57 (inc VAT)
24 - 239£4.33 (inc VAT)
240 - 611£4.02 (inc VAT)
612 - 1223£3.79 (inc VAT)
1224 or more£3.64 (inc VAT)
Image Code Description Brand Colour EAN Size Price Quantity
CCC0163 3C Sealants Polymer Sealant Polysulphide Alternative Black 3C Sealants Black 5060535660525 380ml £4.57 (inc VAT)
CCC0164 3C Sealants Polymer Sealant Polysulphide Alternative Grey 3C Sealants Grey 5060535660532 380ml £4.57 (inc VAT)
CCC0165 3C Sealants Polymer Sealant Polysulphide Alternative White 3C Sealants White 5060535660518 380ml £4.57 (inc VAT)