Otto-Chemie OTTOCOLL® M500 Premium Hybrid Adhesive/Sealant


OTTOCOLL® M500 adhesive and sealant has excellent adhesion on practically any substrate such as
wood, glass, metal (e.g. aluminium, brass, copper), rigid and soft PVC, bricks, tiles and stone, also can be applied in damp or even underwater! OTTOCOLL® M500 is suitable for interior and exterior use. OTTOCOLL® M500 once cured can be easily sanded and painted over and it's compatible with various paint systems. OTTOCOLL® M500 is a stain-free sealant thus causes no migration stains and is hence suitable for marble and natural stone.

• 1-component adhesive and sealant based on silane-terminated polymers (hybrid)
• For bonding and sealing of joints in wet areas for interior use.
• Bonding of lacquered and enamelled glass
• Sealing of air condition and ventilation systems
• Very high mechanical strength, resistance to notches, tension and tearing
• OTTOCOLL® M500 is very efficient as both a sealant and an adhesive

Price Information

The following prices are based on order quantity.
Quantity OrderedPrice per Tube
1 - 5£7.82 (inc VAT)
6 - 19£7.12 (inc VAT)
20 or more£6.64 (inc VAT)
Image Code Description Size Brand EAN Colour Price Quantity
OTT0200 OTTO-CHEMIE OTTOCOLL M500 Premium Hybrid Adhesive Black C04 310ml OTTO-CHEMIE 4030574039904 Black (C04) £7.82 (inc VAT)
OTT0201 OTTO-CHEMIE OTTOCOLL M500 Premium Hybrid Adhesive Grey C02 310ml OTTO-CHEMIE 4030574040177 Grey (C02) £7.82 (inc VAT)
OTT0204 OTTO-CHEMIE OTTOCOLL M500 Premium Hybrid Adhesive White C01 310ml OTTO-CHEMIE 4030574039997 White (C01) £7.82 (inc VAT)