OTTOSEAL® S112 Peelable Window Bar Filler Sealant Transparent C00

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When you need to use a temporary or semi-temporary seal both internally and externally, this unique, removable weatherstrip masticsealant caulk will seal drafty windows and doors thus saving energy and reduces costs. It acts as a temporary waterproof and weatherproof sealant that can easily be removed if desired for frame repairs, decoration etc. without damaging paintwork, varnish or other coatings.

Low Adhesion (Peels away when removal is needed)
Provides temporary, yet highly efficient seal between frame substrates 
Perfect for seasonal sealing (i.e. sealing sash windows during the winter months)
An ideal draft excluder silicone sealant for vents, doors, windows and air conditioning units etc.

Effectively & efficiently waterproof &weatherseal between the window bar and the window frame with this purpose-made window bar silicone sealant.
The aim of any building project is to create the highest possible living comfort whilst minimizing the energy needed to achieve that goal. To realise this one needs to create an airtight outer garment.
The use of OTTOSEAL® S112, the Window bar filler, improves the sealing between window frame and windowbar and prevents the accumulation of condenser water caused by incoming warm air.

- Plastic 1-component silicone sealant based on alkoxy
- Good weathering and ageing resistance
- Good UV-resistance
- Good compatibility with paints according to DIN 52452 (not paintable)
- Low odour
- Non-corrosive
- Compatible with PVB-foils according to the criteria of the ift-guideline DI-02/1

Fields of application:

- For sealing and back filling of frames and window bars on windows and doors - improves the leak tightness.
- The filling material has less adhesion in comparison to standard glazing sealants, so its easier to remove the wndow bars for repair works

ColourTransparent (C00)
BrandOtto Chemie
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