Bonda Rust Primer 250ml

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BONDA RUST PRIMER is based on specially selected resin and is formulated with corrosive resistant and inhibiting materials. It is a low vicosity enabling it to penetrate deeply into rust, coat therust particles and harden. The resin provides Bonda Rust Primer with a tough, water repellent plastic coating which has an exceptional bond to metal as well as providing an excellent surface on which to paint. Suitable for use in low bake ovens.

Rust Primer has a particularly good penetrating and high wetting power and this makes it possible for the primer to penetrate into all the rust pores and finest hair line cracks on the rusted metal. Each particleof rust in enveloped and coated with a rust resistant water repellent film even under rivets, bolted joints and overlappings of welded joints.

ColourRed Oxide
BrandBondaglass-Voss LTD.
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