Liquid Jacket Ultimate Stain Protector & Enhancer (Block Paving)

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Liquid Jacket Ultimate Stain Protector and Colour Enhancer (Block Paving) has been specially developed to seal andprotect all types of block paving. Once applied it will deepen the colours of faded blocks and protect against staining from oil, grease, vehicle traffic, dropped berries and many more.

Liquid Jacket Ultimate Stain Protector and Enhancer is non-hazardous and free from solvents. It is breathable and won’t trap moisture that can lead to problems with solvent based sealers. Can be used both internally and externally for treatment of paths, patios, driveways and floors.


1. Shake well before use.
2. Ensure the surfaces to be treated are clean and free from any mould, fungal growth, waxes or coatings.
3. Surfaces should be air dry and absorbent.
4. Apply with a long pile roller ensuring even and liberal distribution.
5. Do not leave surplus material on the surface. If necessary wipe excess off to avoid pooling.
6. Apply second coat approximately 30 mins after first, before the first coat has dried, further coats will give a glossier finish.
7. Allow to dry for approximately 5-7 hours depending on air temperature.
8. Do not apply below 5 degrees or above 35 degrees.
9. Clean tools and other equipment with warm soapy water.

PLEASE NOTE: Caution should be exercised when applying each coat that the 'milky' white residue is brushed by hand after rolling the sealer as the material can'pool' in areas where there surface isn't flat (especially the grout lines and connecting joints to walls etc.)

ColourWhite (Clear drying)
Size5 litre
BrandLiquid Jacket
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