Sika Sikaflex 11FC+ Polyurethane Rapid Bond Adhesive


Ever popular, very reliable joint sealant and multi-purpose polyurethane adhesive. Sikaflex-11 FC+ can be used internally and externally on a wide variety of substrates. Sikaflex®-11 FC+ as a multi-purpose adhesive is suitable for indoor and outdoor bonding of window sills, thresholds, stair steps, skirting boards, base boards, crash protections boards, covering boards, prefabricated elements and much more, as a joint sealant, 11FC+ is used for vertical and horizontal joints, soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing. Caulking between partitions, seam sealing, sealing in metal and wood construction, for ventilation construction and much more.

• Sikaflex 11FC+ is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
• Easy to use 300ml aluminium mastic sealant cartridge tubes
• Solvent free and odourless with very low emissions
• Impact and vibration absorbing, flexible and elastic

Price Information

The following prices are based on order quantity.
Quantity OrderedPrice Each
1 - 5£13.97 (inc VAT)
6 - 11£13.61 (inc VAT)
12 - 1343£13.15 (inc VAT)
1344 or more£10.14 (inc VAT)
Image Code Description Size Brand EAN Colour Price Quantity
SIK2801 Sikaflex 11FC + Black All-In-One Elastic Sealant Adhesive 300ml Black 300ml Sika 7612894010824 Black £13.97 (inc VAT)
SIK2805 Sikaflex 11FC + Brown All-In-One Elastic Sealant Adhesive 300ml 300ml Sika 7612894011012 Brown £13.97 (inc VAT)
SIK2802 Sikaflex 11FC + All-In-1 Elastic Sealant Adhesive 300ml Concrete Grey 300ml Sika 7612894010664 Concrete Grey £13.97 (inc VAT)
SIK2800 Sikaflex 11FC + White All-In-One Elastic Sealant Adhesive 300ml White 300ml Sika 7612894010404 White £13.97 (inc VAT)